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Beijing Jinghang An Airport Engineering Co, Ltd

Beijing JingHangAn Airport Engineering Co., Limited (JHA) is a professional company engaged in global airport engineering construction which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Far East Holding Group Co., LTD. (listed on Shanghai stock market, stock code "600869"). 

Until today, there are 255 civil airports in China, 70% of which have been completed in past 20 years, making it the fastest developing country in airport construction in the world. JHA,as leading airport construction company has participated in the construction of 130 airport projects and accumulated rich experience in airport construction over the past 20 years.
JHA has been certified the airport construction license by the Civil Aviation Administration of China(CAAC), establishing its position as a smart provider of the airport engineering.

At present JHA is among the four companies in China that have double qualifications of Grade A Professional Contractor for Airport Visual Aids Engineering, Grade A Professional Contractor for Civil Aviation Air Traffic Control Engineering Projects, Grade A Processional Contractor for Airport Low Voltage System Engineering Projects. In addition JHA has also obtained many other certifications of Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and Occupational Health and Safety System;  JHA has higher credit standing and renowned by Bank Of China of “AAA” grade credit enterprise.

The company has more than 300 professional staff, such as registered constructor, registered cost engineer, senior engineer. It has advanced construction machinery and equipment, instruments and other supporting technical equipment, also has strong ability of detailed design, technical research and process innovation, and rich experience with strong technical strength in organizing engineering construction under 4F flight level airport with non-stop operating condition. Focusing on the airport project,  JHA strive to build a “management and management standard, excellent construction technology and leading technology” and has received widespread acclaim from Client. With its ambition of being the top airport engineering company, JHA will continue to develop the international civil aviation airport construction market, to bring success is committed to become the world’s leading intelligent airport service providers for the global economy to contribute to sustainable development.


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