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personnel training

Personnel training

In 2019, with the establishment of JHA College of Far East University, the talent training system of Jinghang' An is basically formed. The horizontal training objects of the system are classified according to the key groups such as middle and high-level management personnel, reserve management personnel and fresh graduates; the vertical training objects are classified according to the project site construction specialty, construction management personnel category and organ function post. At the same time, we constantly improve the personnel training support system, such as talent evaluation, qualification, experience map and so on. By focusing on training enterprise industry leaders, middle and basic level management personnel, functional professionals and industry professionals, the overall quality of JHA staff will be improved.

Pilot plan

(project manager training course)


Pilot plan is a talent development project for senior management of JHA. Through theoretical study, rotation training and regular review, we have trained a group of compound management talents with strong leadership, broad vision, ability to lead the project team to complete the project construction and meet the needs of owners.

Navigation assistance plan

(Project Manager Training Course)


The program is the second echelon training program for senior management of Beijing airlines. Through the introduction of 360 ° evaluation, talent evaluation and other scientific tools, the reserve candidates with the potential of project manager training are selected, and the three development modes of classroom training, coaching, and post experience are adopted for training.

Sailing plan

(training course for fresh graduates)


The sailing plan is a training and training project for JHA college students. So far, dozens of fresh graduates have gone to the posts of JHA from the training camp, and many of them have gone to the management posts today, and have grown into the backbone of supporting the cause of Beijing aviation safety. Through the sailing plan, new employees can deeply understand the values and culture of JHA, and form a sense of belonging; cultivate professional awareness and skills, cultivate team spirit, realize the role transformation from college students to JHAer, establish the ambition of striving for JHA, and grow up faster and better on the stage of JHA.


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