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Beijing jinghang'an Airport Engineering Co., Ltd

Beijing air safety Airport Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Beijing aviation safety" or "company") was established in 2002, is a professional company engaged in airport engineering construction, with a registered capital of RMB 200 million. In 2017, it joined Far East smart energy, and is currently a full-capital subsidiary of A-share listed company.
The company is one of the first units to obtain the airport construction license issued by the State Civil Aviation Administration, a well-known enterprise in the field of military civil aviation airport professional engineering construction, and a smart airport system solution service provider.

The company holds the first level of professional contracting for airport visual navigation assistance engineering, class I for civil aviation air traffic management engineering and weak current system engineering of airport, grade II for Airport Airport Road Engineering, grade II for construction mechanical and electrical installation engineering, grade II for professional contracting for electronic and intelligent engineering, grade II for water protection, corrosion protection and heat preservation engineering, grade II for professional contracting for building decoration and decoration engineering, and fire protection The qualification of the project, such as the second level of professional contracting of facilities engineering, the third level of general contracting of mechanical and electrical engineering construction, and the third level of general contracting of construction engineering, is one of the four units with the double qualification of professional contracting for airport visual aids engineering, civil aviation air traffic management engineering and airport weak current system engineering. The company has obtained the quality management system, environmental management system and occupational health and safety system certification, and obtained the high-tech enterprise certification, and is a AAA credit enterprise of the bank.

The company has more than 300 professional and technical talents, such as registered constructor, registered cost engineer, senior engineer and engineer. It has advanced construction machinery and equipment, instruments and other supporting technical equipment, has strong ability of deepening design, technical research and process innovation, and has rich experience and strong technical strength in organizing engineering construction under 4f flight level airport and non-stop conditions.


The company always implements the business philosophy of "being an honest enterprise and creating excellent projects", adheres to the quality policy of "customer satisfaction, continuous innovation and pursuit of excellent products", adheres to the work style of "serious, meticulous and high standard", carries forward the enterprise spirit of "honesty, dedication, innovation and being the first", concentrates on airport projects, and strives to create "standardized operation and management, high-quality construction" Jinghang'an has won wide praise from customers for its excellent workmanship and leading technical strength.
Since its establishment, the company has undertaken more than 600 projects of more than 160 military and civil aviation airports at home and abroad, and has won many honors, such as "Luban Award of China Construction Engineering", "silver award of national quality engineering", "golden cup award of China Municipal Engineering", "golden award of Municipal Engineering", "Yangtze Cup", "Jinling Cup", etc.
Looking forward to the future development, the company will continue to focus on the enterprise goal of "market competitiveness, ideological cohesion, work execution, industry influence", never forget the original intention, forge ahead, constantly improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise, realize the sustainable development of the enterprise under the fierce market competition, and strive to become the world's leading smart airport service provider.


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