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Practitioner of Innovation Spirit at JHA

Practitioner of Innovation Spirit at JHA

(Summary description)Zeng Jianliang, a senior expert and senior engineer, joined JHA in October 2017.

Practitioner of Innovation Spirit at JHA

(Summary description)Zeng Jianliang, a senior expert and senior engineer, joined JHA in October 2017.


Zeng Jianliang, a senior expert and senior engineer, joined JHA in October 2017. He has been involved in optimization of construction plans for power supply and AGL engineering, equipment selection and verification, giving on-site technical guidance, and other works. Diligent in learning and thinking, seeking truth and being practical, he is tireless in his efforts. In nearly 6 years of employment, he has obtained 13 practical new patents, with 11 of them as the first inventor. Zeng has achieved outstanding results in scientific and technological innovation, therefore he has received high recognition from the leadership and colleagues.

Keen-eyed and diligent in research

Zeng Jianliang once said, “Sometimes a small technical innovation can also have significant effects.” One of his most important qualities is having an eye for detail to identify problems. He often goes to the construction site, conducts extensive research and surveys, and mines innovation from details and minor issues. During his investigations, he found that the tool models for core extraction in lamp pits were varied and non-universal, leading to the need for multiple tools and long extraction times for the same project. While this issue seemed minor and overlooked by many, Zeng believed there was potential to figure out the problem. After careful thought and research, he designed multiple solutions, conducted repeated comparisons and trials, and developed a specialized core extraction tool for door-type brackets, effectively solving the problem. The related achievement, “Rapid Core Extraction Bracket for Embedded Lights on Airport Pavements,” obtained a patent.

Aim fixedly, face challenges and head-on

In his work, Zeng Jianliang possesses unwavering determination, vowing not to stop until objectives are met. He consistently overcomes seemingly insurmountable difficulties, resolves seemingly unsolvable problems, ultimately turning “impossible” into “possible.” In the past, during the installation of embedded lights, filling the gaps around lamp pits with cement mortar often led to unstable quality and difficulties meeting hardening time requirements during continuous operation construction conditions. After extensive research, Zeng came up with the idea of using early-strength specialized grouting material, but its strength capabilities and construction processes required rigorous testing and thorough verification. Unable to find suitable testing equipment on the market, he designed and manufactured his own; lacking a testing site, he conducted experiments at home, confirming that the early-strength specialized grouting material met the strength requirements. Subsequently, based on summarizing past construction experiences, he developed matching construction processes and operational procedures, creating the “Construction Method for Early-Strength Specialized Grouting Material in the Installation of Embedded Lights on Airport Pavements.” This achievement was successfully applied for the first time at Siem Reap Airport in Cambodia and was awarded the “Provincial Construction Method Certificate” by the Yunnan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

Keep focused and dedicated

Doing something is not difficult; what’s challenging is persisting in doing it. When it comes to innovative work, Zeng Jianliang is always focused, hands-on, and relentless. The “New Process for Connecting Adjacent Transformers” that he spearheaded was a pioneering achievement in the civil aviation field. It significantly reduced project costs, lowered equipment failure rates, and improved construction efficiency, demonstrating high practical value. During his research, Zeng personally drew process diagrams, collaborated with manufacturers to determine connecting wires and joints, exchanged ideas with frontline construction workers on construction processes and standards, a process that lasted nearly a year, showcasing JHA's dedication to excellence and pursuit of perfection.

Only those who innovate advance, only those who innovate are strong, only those who innovate prevail. Zeng Jianliang, through his own practical actions and innovative achievements, has exemplified the corporate culture essence of "daring to be the first" and "constantly innovating" at Jinghang'an, setting a benchmark for the company's technological innovation efforts. It is believed that on the future path, Zeng Jianliang will closely follow the pace of civil aviation engineering technology innovation and development, overcome obstacles, and bravely move forward.

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