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Staff story corner- Tribute to the heroes in harm' s way

Staff story corner- Tribute to the heroes in harm' s way

(Summary description)Local time on April 26, 2022 local time, a terrorist attack occurred in the southern city of Karachi, Pakistan.

Staff story corner- Tribute to the heroes in harm' s way

(Summary description)Local time on April 26, 2022 local time, a terrorist attack occurred in the southern city of Karachi, Pakistan.


Local time on April 26, 2022 local time, a terrorist attack occurred in the southern city of Karachi, Pakistan; four people died from this, including the director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Karachi and two teachers coming from China. Since 2021, the security situation in Pakistan has deteriorated continually, with multiple terrorist attacks targeting Chinese citizens, including the terrorist attack on Dasu Hydropower Station, Paskistan that caused 9 Chinese engineers were dead.

Karachi Jinnah International airport is just 3 meters away from the explosion of the site. When the attack happened, Xie Qifei, the air traffic control engineer from JHA, is being escorted by the military to conduct a systematic study of the Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network,ATC tower, ATC center and Airport Meteorological Center of Karachi Jinnah International Airport, as the project construction plan asked.

Hearing about the terrorist attack in Karachi, the leaders of JHA were very worried about the safety of the staff in Pakistan project department. Deputy Director, Xiao Bin and Zhu Guichin, the manager of overseas marketing Department contacted the project team as soon as possible to convey their sincere sympathy deeply to the staff while reminded Manager Xie Qifei as well as the project team to pay attention to their safety.

JHA started the business of overseas engineering projects  since 2012, when a group of JHA staff have actively responded to the company's requirement, overcoming many potential difficulties such as disease and war, going to foreign countries to undertake their responsibilities of expanding the company's overseas market. During the covid-19 period outbreak in 2020, with its rapidly spread, most of flight were cut down because of control travel restrictions that cancel oversea staff’s way home. Still, many JHA staff worked hard at project, overcoming the risks.


The project Manager Xie Qifei has been working for the overseas projects since he joined JHA in 2014, he has participated in and completed many significant overseas engineering construction projects such as Mwanza Airport in Tanzania, Juba International Airport in South Sudan, Bandaranaike International Airport in Sri Lanka, and Pokhara International Airport in Nepal. In early January this year, completed the installation of the air traffic control system of Pokhara Airport in Nepal, Xie continued to bury himself into New Gwadar International Airport Project without any hesitation.

   After arriving to the local project department, Xie Qifei started the detailed design of the ATC navigation system through his knowledge and experiences in the detailed design in the last few years. However, a series of problems has gradually emerged during the work, such as the selection of equipment for the AMHS (Short for Aeronautical Message Handling System) and the source of data for the meteorological service, due to the different usage habits of the ATC Bureau in Pakistan. At the same time, the roofing construction of the ATC building was about to be completed, but the antenna foundation which should have been built in advance were delayed in delivery due to the covid in Shanghai. Faced with this series of difficult problems, Manager Xie Qifei quickly went to work, carried out solid field research, and understood the customer's needs in depth. Through meticulous research on the brands and usage of existing systems at Karachi Airport, he proposed an equipment selection plan for the automatic relay system, which solved the problem of data sources for the meteorological service query terminals at the new Gwadar Airport. However, it was difficult to find a suitable fabricator in Pakistan for the pre-built antenna base parts, which could be easily solved in China, and the fabricator found through many contacts was unable to perform the task due to technical level and workers' experience. Eventually, Manager Xie Qifei overcame the language barrier, made several technical presentations with the manufacturer, arranged sample processing and repeatedly adjusted and confirmed, and realized the local batch production of antenna foundation pre-built parts.


Under the unfavorable circumstances of overlapping difficulties in inefficient communication and deteriorating safety situation, Manager Xie Qifei fully carried forward the "serious, precise and high standard" working style of JHA, solving one problem after another in the process of construction, providing more convenient and reliable solutions for the owner. This helps JHA save the costs in equipment and techniques, also it benefits the overseas projects in its useful experience for the selection of equipment.

In the past 10 years, in response to "One Belt, One Road", JHA has participated in the construction of airports in more than 10 countries. In the future, the people of JHA will continue to follow the national call and contribute to the cause of civil aviation construction on a broader stage.


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