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Towards the Year of the Annual meeting. Far East Holding Group 2021 Annual Conference and 2020 Person of the Year Awards Ceremony Opens a New Chapter in the Year of the Ox

Towards the Year of the Annual meeting. Far East Holding Group 2021 Annual Conference and 2020 Person of the Year Awards Ceremony Opens a New Chapter in the Year of the Ox

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  • Time of issue:2021-02-21
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Towards the Year of the Annual meeting. Far East Holding Group 2021 Annual Conference and 2020 Person of the Year Awards Ceremony Opens a New Chapter in the Year of the Ox

(Summary description)

  • Categories:Company news
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  • Time of issue:2021-02-21
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 Surrounded by the warm spring breeze and sunshine, today’s Far East is grand and enthusiastic. With the theme of "Winning the future with Innovation, Excellence, and Outstanding Development", the Far East Holding Group’s 2021 Conference and 2020 Person of the year Awards Ceremony ended perfectly. Employees are all inspired and ready to brace a new beginning in the Year of Ox

  Nearly 10,000 Far East family members attend the meeting by combined offline and online live broadcasts. They follow the video clips to review the past, listen to leader’s reports to plan the layout, witness the highlight moments of advance figures receiving awards, and enjoy-fully participate in the lottery to win surprise prizes.Meanwhile, a series of video learning courses has been hold to help the members to deepen their understanding of the current situation and further improve work skills.

  Gather together to study, practice techniques and improve skills



Study seminar

  Insist on building a study organization, the annual meeting of the Far East is also a learning journey to improve skills. On the morning of February 20th, the members of Far East gathered together to share a feast of knowledge, including the courses like"A Hundred Years of Vicissitudes,from the Sick Man in East Asia to National Rejuvenation", which inspired patriotism, and the "14th Five-Year Plan and 2035 Vision Target Proposals" for insights into trends. There are also excellent management courses such as "The core of management is to serve business".

  The family members of the Far East gain insights into development trends, enhance cultural self-confidence, and improve management levels. The various courses also made this annual meeting more in-depth.

  Innovation creates excellence and development,win the future with outstanding performance

Jiangxipei gives a speech


At the meeting, Far East Holding Group founder, chairman of the board of directors, and party secretary Jiang Xipei delivered a speech to further clarify the guiding ideology and goals for 2021.

"We have caught up with such a historic era, an era that is rare in a century. We cherish it, because we know that the people of the Far East have such a historical mission-to use their own wisdom and hands to contribute to the happy life of more people."

36 years passed while a blink, Jiang Xipei said that we are on the way to a second entrepreneurship. Although the past history has recorded the fruitful results of the people of  Far East, our second entrepreneurship has only just begun.Because the goal of the Far East is to become a century-old enterprise, no matter how many difficulties or challenges we are encountered,we will actively face it.

Looking forward to the future, he said that the company’s strategic goals, especially the plan for the next five years, have been determined.Its production, operation, management, or capital management, are all based on current general trends and the objective reality of the group. In the future, he believes that with the efforts of all Far Easterners, especially the management board, we will have more and more willingness to learn, more innovative, and more intend to cooperate with our customers to solve their pain points, difficulties, and itch points.

He emphasized that the Far East is a study and innovative organization, and a win-win platform for business partnership. On this platform, we jointly draw the most beautiful blueprint. Nevertheless, there is still a gap between the Far East and global industry benchmark companies. This is a competitive society, this is an era of survival of the fittest, either outstanding, brilliant, or out. We need to adhere to the three integrations,five orientations, and implement the five aspects, learn from each other, do things in a timely manner, improve efficiency and effectiveness, and grasp the system advantage, brand advantage, innovation advantage, and talent advantage.

In addition, he pointed out that Far East’s mission, vision, and core values reflect Far East’s pursuit and responsibilities, leading Far East people to solve problems and embrace a bright future. In the future, we will resonate with the party, the country, and the times, and we will have a heart-to-heart relationship with customers, partners, and employees. We will make a concerted effort, work together, and do our best.

Finally, Jiang Xipei said that thanks to the age, the country, and the partners. we are especially grateful to all customers who care, understand, support, and trust us. We are also grateful to all walks of life for their undivided and wholehearted support for 36 years, which makes us more passionate and motivative. I sincerely wish everyone better and better, and tomorrow will be more and more beautiful!

  Make a good start for the layout , focus on the key points accurately

Jiang Chengzhi gives a work report

   Jiang Chengzhi, Vice Chairman and CEO of the Group’s Board of Directors,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, and Chairman of the Cable Industry/Battery Industry/Airport Industry, gave a keynote speech on "Innovation and Excellence brings Outstanding " combined with the theme of the annual meeting,which leading everyone to gain insights into development trends.He summarized from listed companies’ abbreviation change, industrial structure and business adjustment, values upgrade, talent introduction and training, customer expansion, channel construction, social responsibility and other aspects. While affirming the results, he also analyzed the current deficiencies of Far East in strategic execution capabilities, team building, industrial and capital operation integration, comprehensive digitalization and intelligent progress, and the spirit of struggle and contribution.

  Looking forward to 2021, Jiang Chengzhi has clarified the general tone of not forgetting our original aspirations, focusing on the main business, and returning to value, and further established the goals of each business segment, that is, to improve the market share of cable business , and concentrate in segments; Shuimuyuanhua conducts a second venture and continues to innovate; Jinghangan consolidates its advantages and promotes business transformation and upgrading; Aineng Power accelerates the progress of key projects and introduces strategic investment; the battery industry will focuses on breakthroughs and rebirth; the copper foil industry seizes opportunities and deepens its layout; Far East Energy will make steady progress and innovative its services. At the same time, he also explained the Far East Partner Program 3.0 and established development goals for the next five years.

  Finally, Jiang Chengzhi said that we are grateful to be in China, and have such an opportunity with this background; thank customers, they have given us a lot of support and care in the past year. And our employees had also through the most difficult year. Nevertheless, many partners give us a helping hand at critical moments. I sincerely wish that the mountains and rivers will be splendid, the country will be peaceful, and the future of the Far East will definitely be better. The journey is long, only the fighting ones makes it to the end!

  Lang Hua(Investor, Group President , Investor, Group Party Committee Member, Director, Far East Smart Energy Co., Ltd. abbreviation: Far East Stock Code: 600869) Chen Jing(Cable Industry Executive General Manager) ,Zhang Yin(General Manager of Beijing Jinghangan Airport Engineering Co.,Ltd.a wholly-owned subsidiary of Far East Group) Zhu Changbiao (Director, Investor, Group Party Committee Member,Director of Far East Co., Ltd. Cable Industry, Deputy General Manager, Anlan Director and Executive General Manager), Gu Guodong (Senior Vice President of the Group, Vice Chairman and General Manager of Far East Energy Co., Ltd.) HeJian( General Manager of Far East Engineering Management Co., Ltd.) Li Min(Director and General Manager of Shengda Electric Co., Ltd.), Bao Tianwei(Head of Maimaibao and Trading Center) ,Li Xuejun (Group Vice President, Chairman of Jinghangan, Deputy Director and general manager of Tianyi Design,Xiang Decheng(Deputy General Manager of Far East Communication Co., Ltd., ) Lu Qiang(Vice Chairman and General Manager of ShuimuYuanhua Electric Co., Ltd., ), Zhu Keding(Investor, Vice Chairman and General Manager of Aineng Power Engineering Co., Ltd.) Zheng Zhenghe(investor,general manager of Jiangxi Far East Battery Co., Ltd.)and Patrick Yu(chief operating officer of Far East Battery Industry Co., Ltd.) and other subsidiary company managers make annual work reports, review the work of the past year, and deploy work plans for the new year.

Lang Hua gives a work report

Cheng Jing gives a work report  

Zhu Changbiao gives a work report

Gu Guodong gives a work report

  He Jian gives a work report  

Bao Tianwei gives a work report

Xiang De gives a work report

Zhu Keding gives a work report

Zheng He gives a work report

  Each work report has made the goals for the new year more clear, as well as a precise plan to help the further realization of strategic goals of been the best.


  Praising the excellent workers, gathering positive energy for development

  Jiang Huajun reads the Prize decision

  Summarizing the past, looking forward to the future, commending the advanced ones. At the meeting, Jiang Huajun,the investor, deputy secretary of the party committee, director, and vice chairman and chief executive officer of Far East Co., Ltd.,reads the "Decision on Recognizing Advanced Collectives and Individuals in 2020" .



  The person of the year representative came to the stage to receive the award


Advanced Workers, Scientific and Technological Progress Award, Top Ten Outstanding Teams, Best Sales Customer Officer Award, Best Increase Award, Far East State Craftsman... With the announcement of a number of honors, the applause on the scene set off a new climax of the ceremony. They are benchmarks, role models, and Far Easterners who work tirelessly in their jobs. Behind the honor is a heavy responsibility and responsibility. The advanced workers will give full play to their exemplary and leading roles in their posts and deliver more light and warmth to the new development of Far East.

The Far East family members on the scene followed the exciting music and felt the power of the role model. They were inspired and motivated to move forward toward the new year's work goals.

The annual meeting is an annual event of the Far East Holding Group, and it is also an exclusive festival for the Far East family. On the evening of the 20th, a heart-warming grateful family banquet brought a successful conclusion to the annual meeting. The families of the Far East gathered together, toasted and celebrated, and talked about the future together.

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