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The Far East Overseas Corps in the fight against the covid-19

The Far East Overseas Corps in the fight against the covid-19

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  • Time of issue:2020-03-27
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(Summary description) In the face of the spread of the Newcastle pneumonia epidemic, the nation is united in its efforts to overcome the difficulties and the domestic epidemic is emerging from its darkest hour. However, while the situation at home is gradually improving, the global epidemic continues to sound the alarm and the situation is not optimistic.

The Far East Overseas Corps in the fight against the covid-19

(Summary description) In the face of the spread of the Newcastle pneumonia epidemic, the nation is united in its efforts to overcome the difficulties and the domestic epidemic is emerging from its darkest hour. However, while the situation at home is gradually improving, the global epidemic continues to sound the alarm and the situation is not optimistic.

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  • Time of issue:2020-03-27
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  The Far East Overseas team in the fight against the covid-19

  It has been a memorable spring.

  In the face of the spread of Covid-19, Chinese government leads Chisese people to pass through the darkest hours together with the powerful strategies fight againt the disease while the globally covid-19 gets worse.

  Unitil 9pm on 22 March, more than 180,000 new cases of covid-19 were confirmed outside of China. Globally, more than 150 countries appeared confirmed cases, in which 35 countries have closed crossing broders to its neighbour, stop visas processing and flights.

  As an old Chinese saying, through separated by a mountain, we'll share the same clouds and rain, the bright moon belongs not to a single town. At this special time of the year, the staff who are in the Far East Coop Overseas Office and the Overseas Project Department of JHA are still sticking to their workplace, while sending blessings to home country, creating benefits to their families with practical actions.

  With the strong support of the company, we will find a way to solve any difficulties in the project and the epidemic and try to pass through the  "covid-19".

  ADD: Zambia

  After more than two years since construction commencement in October 2017, the construction of Ndola Airport in Zambia now comes to the completion. The sudden covid-19 produces more difficulties to the staff who are in the construction work of the local airport.

  A few days ago, project staff who had returned to China to attend the annual meeting of Beijing Jinghang An were prevented from returning to the project by the sudden outbreak of covid-19. As the construction of the airport in a crucial period, The director Zhang Zhihu and the other staff who were forced to stay in China were anxious. In order to return to Ndola as soon as possible, they set up a "Returning Staff" group to keep the information updated of the covid-19 situation in Zambia and the physical condition of the local staff, at the same time, by which way they keep contacted and make full preparations on the flight. 


  With the spread of the virus, two cases were confirmed in Zambia, the JHA team accelerated the progress of the project while protecting themselves from the popular desease. In order to track the covid information, the project team joined the Zambian Chinese Safety WeChat Group, and at the same time started education on epidemic prevention and control, disinfecting the office environment several times a day, strictly requiring the wearing of masks and taking body temperature on construction sites, and arranging separate accommodation as far as possible. In addition, they also stocked up sufficient food and protective materials.


  Despite the trials and tribulations, they remain confident and have not relaxed in any way in the construction of the project. At present, works such as navigation aid lighting, air traffic control navigation, power supply equipment installation and weak electricity in the terminal area are all well underway.


  I believe that with the care of leaders and colleagues at all levels and the active prevention and control of the project department, we will be able to ensure our own safety, maintain the victorious results and achieve success.

  On 21 March, two patients were diagnosed for the first time in Angola, where the new international airport in Luanda is also under construction. The new international airport project in Luanda, Angola, is also under threat from the new pneumonia outbreak.

  As the epidemic developed, the security team at JHA faced an increasingly difficult situation; at the beginning of February, Chinese and international students from China were placed under compulsory quarantine; from 3 March, entry to Angola was banned for citizens of seven countries, including China, Italy, Japan and South Korea; and on 20 March, all international flights to and from Angola were suspended.

  Under such circumstances, they firmly uphold the three-step approach of ensuring safety, promoting production and preventing epidemics, and while ensuring safety, they have made protecting the airport and maintaining production achievements their top priority at the moment, and are determined to keep the epidemic out of the airport. Since the beginning of March, they have been stockpiling supplies and strictly controlling the access of personnel. At present, all works are progressing smoothly.

  ADD: Maldives

  Hope the years be quiet and the present world be peaceful!

  The Maldives Airport project site is located just one kilometre from Male', the capital of the Maldives, where nearly 250,000 people live on a small island with a land area of less than two square kilometres. With a dense population, limited land area and a relative lack of supplies such as living and medical care, the epidemic situation in the Maldives is serious.

  On 12 March, a state of emergency was declared in the Maldives and on 19 March, people were officially banned from going out without reason. At present, the number of confirmed cases in the Maldives has risen to more than ten, and nearly 300 people are under isolation and observation.

  In such a situation, even though they have been away from home for several months, the JHA team persevered on the project site, insisting on both project construction and epidemic prevention and control, strengthening personnel control and strictly measuring body temperature. At the same time, due to the impact of the epidemic, the project team took on multiple jobs in the absence of staff in some positions, and organised skills training several times to ensure the progress of the project.


  With a strong motherland as our back, we promise we will be able to overcome the difficulties and complete the task.

  At Saisai Airport in Mozambique, since arriving in Mozambique on 28 December last year, the JHA team has been working on the preliminary construction preparations in the project department.

  With the outbreak of the epidemic abroad, the outbreak of the epidemic has made it even more challenging for the JHA team in Mozambique, which is located in an economically underdeveloped and medically backward region of Africa, to face the threat of various diseases in addition to the hot climate.

  At present, there are no confirmed cases in Mozambique, but the team has already started work to prevent and control the epidemic. They are strictly wearing masks, strengthening disinfection and pest control in their work and living areas, and reducing human contact.

  ADD: Indonesia

  We firmly believe that this is the darkness before the dawn and we will continue to fight and rise to the occasion to usher in a bright spring for Far East in the Indonesian market.

  A month ago, direct flights between Indonesia and China were interrupted due to the epidemic. A few days before the suspension, the head of the Indonesian representative office, Wang Junpeng, rushed to Jakarta and Ma Huijun, another overseas account manager of the Far Eastern representative office in Indonesia, has been in Indonesia since 22 December last year, including the Chinese New Year period. During the early stages of the outbreak in Jakarta, the company leaders arranged for Wang Junpeng and Ma Huijun to work in their flat, clock in and out, and to keep their visits to clients to a minimum, in order to effectively prevent and control the epidemic. This made them feel encouraged and warmed by the foreign country.


  In addition to doing their own work to prevent the epidemic, the staff of the representative office in Indonesia also helped their clients to prevent and control the epidemic scientifically. They kept the domestic epidemic situation informed, actively promoted epidemic prevention knowledge and distributed epidemic prevention materials such as masks to agents and customers. At the same time, they also recommended customers to use cloud conferencing software and maintained effective communication with agents and customers by means of cloud video.

  In March, as the epidemic developed, they purchased the "Chinese Medicine Anti-New Coronary Pneumonia Formula No.1" and the "Ginger Tea" recommended by the President of Indonesia and gave them to Indonesian agents and customers, so that more care could reach them directly. As Far Easterners, they stood by their posts and overcame the difficulties together with their customers.


  This is the greatest feeling of being overseas during the epidemic. We wish all overseas people to be safe and healthy, so that our families and companies will not worry about us. May the epidemic pass soon, and may spring blossom soon.

  On March 6, when the domestic epidemic situation was still unclear, Wang Lei, the overseas account manager responsible for the Myanmar market, set off for Myanmar because of the need for business development and bidding for important projects ahead. Since joining Far East in October last year, this is the third time Wang Lei has travelled overseas.

  Although no confirmed cases have been found in Myanmar for the time being, the government is highly nervous about the serious outbreak of the disease in neighbouring countries, which is also hitting Myanmar. With poor medical care and a lack of supplies, Wang Lei is facing many trials in Myanmar. He is actively contacting friends, buying masks and keeping strict personal protection.

  Now Far East's overseas people are also retrograde walkers, exploring and promoting Far East's overseas brands while hoping for the health of their families and their own health.

  A few days ago, the Chilean Ministry of Health announced that there were 95 new confirmed cases of New Coronary Pneumonia in the country, with a total of 632 cases confirmed nationwide. On the same day, the Chilean government declared a national curfew. This is the 10th day that Cao Yunlong, Regional Director for Central and South America, has arrived in Chile, and this trip is his fifth overseas trip since joining Far East.

  Ten days ago, facing the risk and impact of the outbreak of the epidemic overseas and the suspension of flights to the US and Europe, Cao Yunlong left Shanghai and made four international flights, including to Germany, which was the hardest hit by the epidemic, and finally arrived in Santiago de Chile, the capital of South America, after 55 hours and half a world flight.

  10 days in Chile were a testing one for Cao Yunlong. Due to the epidemic, he encountered many times that taxis refused to take Chinese people, and some clients cancelled their scheduled meetings. This caused great inconvenience to his transport travel and also made the landing of key projects encounter obstacles.

  In the face of difficulties, Cao Yunlong did not retreat. He was determined to achieve his goal and did his best to negotiate with clients and develop business while protecting himself well, helping Far East's ultimate products and services to take root in foreign countries.

  In addition to the above-mentioned teams, the JHA team in Pokhara, Nepal and Kathmandu International Airport project are also working on the project site, preventing and controlling the epidemic scientifically, and actively participating in the construction activities with high morale and enthusiasm to build quality projects.

  While the overseas staff were preventing and controlling the epidemic and ensuring production, the company leaders at all levels gave them a lot of care and support. The leaders of the International Business Centre have repeatedly urged the overseas staff to do a good job of personal epidemic prevention, not to go to crowded places unless necessary, and to meet with customers in open places as far as possible.

  Being away from home is not a heartless guest. In the face of the epidemic, although they are far away from each other, Far Eastern and Beijing Jinghang An' staff are taking the company's and their families' concerns and blessings with them, making full use of their domestic experience in epidemic prevention and control, and starting from their own scientific prevention and control. They contribute a lot to the development of more countries and frontiers of Far Eastern's internationalization!

  Right now, the spring is coming.

  We look forward to the safe return of the Far Easterners from other countries soon!

  Source: Far East Smart Energy

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