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The company has the qualification of professional contracting for visual aids to navigation at airports issued by the Ministry of Construction, hence, it can undertake the construction of all kinds of visual aids to navigation at airports, including: approach lighting systems, visual slope indication systems, runway, taxiway, station apron lighting systems, airport light beacons and other aids to navigation lighting systems, marking signs, road surface signs, markers, berth guidance systems, aids to navigation lighting monitoring systems, aids to navigation lighting substations, power supply works in the flight area, as well as visual aids to navigation auxiliary facilities. The company has also been involved in the construction of visual aids to navigation, such as flight area power supply projects and visual aids to navigation.

  Over the past 20 years, the company has participated in the construction of visual aids to navigation projects in more than 100 airports at home and abroad, such as the capital, Daxing, Pudong, Hongqiao, Qingdao, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Yulin, Jingzhou, Ezhou, Zambia, etc., creating a number of high-quality projects, advanced construction techniques, excellent project quality and excellent management experience, which have been praised by the airport owners. Among them, Shanghai Pudong International Airport runway one, two, three, four and Hongqiao International Airport east and west runway navigation lighting project has become the new coordinates of the airport construction technology level and quality level, has won the "National Quality Engineering Silver Award", "China Municipal Engineering Golden Cup Award "Shanghai Municipal Engineering Golden Cup Award", "Airport Excellent Safety and Civilized Site" and "Shanghai Airport Competition Outstanding Collective", etc. The company has been working hard and exploring for many years.

  After years of efforts and exploration, the company has established an advantageous position in the niche areas of airport visual aids to navigation engineering, and has rich experience and strong technical strength in organizing the construction of 4F flight level airports and under non-stop construction conditions.

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