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The company has the second-grade qualification of professional contracting for airport MEP, issued by the Ministry of Construction. The main systems include: general management system and its application in the airside, cargo area and production office area. Among them, the facilities management system includes: (1) information integration system: including airport operation database, ground operation information system, resource management system, operation monitoring management system (or production command and dispatch system), information query system and integrated information forwarding system (including information integration platform, message middleware, central intelligent message management system, etc.); (2) flight information display system; (3) departure control system; (4) berth guidance system; (5) security information management system; (6) signage guidance system; (7) baggage handling system; (8) security inspection system; (9) check-in guidance system; (10) gate display system; (11) passenger information system; (12) network exchange system; (13) public address system; (14) security system (including closed circuit television monitoring system, access control system, electronic patrol system and alarm system); (15) master clock system; (16) internal communication system; (17) call centre (including automatic telephone interrogation system); (18) comprehensive cabling system; (19) building automatic control system; (20) fire monitoring system; (21) uninterrupted power supply system; (22) computer room and function centre; (23) wireless communication indoor coverage system; (24) wireless communication system (23) wireless communication indoor coverage system; (24) video monitoring system.
  Over the years, the company has participated in the construction of many weak electricity projects in Yining, Zunyi, Lukou, Beidaihe, Changde, Datong, Ulanqab, Erlianhot, Chaganhu, Bailian, Huai'an, Damaoqi, Sanhe, Lushan, Wutai Mountain, Handan, Yulin, Jingzhou, Zambia and other airports, and its standardized operation process, advanced construction techniques and excellent management experience have won the reputation of the owners. Among them, the Nanjing Lukou International Airport Phase II Terminal Building Intelligent Building Project, which the company participated in, won the 2017 International Quality Engineering Award - China Construction Engineering Luban Award.
  Years of experience and dedication to build, craftsmanship quality to win the market. With strong R&D advantages and craftsmanship quality, Jing Hangan has always carried out the business philosophy of "being an honest enterprise and creating high-quality projects" and adhered to the working style of "conscientiousness, meticulousness and high standards", and has been at the forefront of the airport engineering construction industry. The company has been at the forefront of the airport construction industry and has extended its services overseas to become a benchmark for first-class Chinese enterprises at the forefront of "going global".

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