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talent strategy

Achieve people   Develop people   Transform people

JHA attaches importance to the cultivation of talents and cares about the growth of staff, adhering to the talent concept of "achievement, development and transformation of people", with the work style of "conscientiousness, meticulousness and high standards" and the enterprise spirit of "honesty, dedication, innovation. With the high standard work style of "conscientiousness, meticulousness" and the enterprise spirit of "honesty, dedication, innovation and daring to be the first", we lead our staff to show their personal values and talents and build their dreams together. 

Talent concept 

We always attach great importance to the development of employees, respect their choices, and design multi-directional career development paths for employees, so as to make their abilities more focused and clearer. In this organization, ordinary people become excellent people, excellent people become excellent people, and a steady stream of people realize their life dreams here.


Talent management 

Focusing on the company's strategy and organisational development needs, we has formed a differentiated management system for different talent groups, forming a closed loop of talent standards, planning, selection, training, use and retention management. Through the "one-to-one" training and guidance of mentor-apprentice pairs, the fine tradition of "passing on and helping" is carried forward to improve the tacit understanding between colleagues, enhance the staff's sense of belonging and sense of honour and mission, and help them develop and grow.

Talent incentive

Deepen the project of business partners. Through the equity incentive policy for core employees, create more opportunities for outstanding talents to become shareholders of the company, urge employees to closely integrate personal development with the development of the company, and participate in the development of the company with the mentality of business partners to share value and income.


In terms of value distribution, the competitive salary system emphasizes "basic guarantee, performance priority, fairness and scientific rationality", which makes employees' salary competitive in the same industry and in the same region: the salary provided by Beijing Hangan includes basic salary, post salary, seniority salary and performance salary (according to the management results of personal work performance assessment), year-end bonus (according to the company's operating efficiency and personal performance, share the company's income), etc.


Employee benefits

The benefits provided by JHA include: five insurances and one fund, free board and lodging, all kinds of statutory holidays, festival benefits, heatstroke prevention subsidies, overseas development, regular physical examination, wedding gifts, employee care and sympathy, settlement indicators, cultural and recreational activities and annual meeting activities, etc.


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